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The Stockman Grass Farmer is the grazing publication of North America. It is devoted solely to the art and science of making a profit from grassland agriculture. 

The Stockman Grass Farmer brings its readers the latest information on high profit grassland farming ideas from all over the world. Each month we profile leading grassland farmers and ranchers and detail how and why they are so successful. A major editorial emphasis is the need to structure the grassland farm or ranch so that it makes money 10 years in 10. Detailed marketing, budget and financial analysis is a unique, but always popular aspect of SGF. Our readers seek to use their farms and ranches as a way to make a living, not as a way of life. The Stockman Grass Farmer is the only magazine focused entirely upon management-intensive grassland farming and ranching in North America.

At the heart of this revolution is the realization that we are not in the animal production business, we are in the grass business!

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