The Stockman Grass Farmer

Advertising Testimonials



Steve Campbell, Campbell's Daily Apple & Tailor Made Cattle, Parma, ID
The owner of Golden Valley Vinegar was amazed to learn that, after advertising in SGF for two months, 26,000 gallons of Apple Cider Vinegar have been sold.  Obviously, SGF advertising works!
Connie Krider, Powerflex Systems, Seymour, MO
Stockman Grass Farmer is #1 for us in number of responses to advertising!
Jim Truax, Truax Co. Inc., Minneapolis, MN
We get tremendous results from SGF.  We get more response on your ads than anywhere else we run; and we run in a lot of publications.
Paul Schneider, AG-USA, Newman, GA
We ran an analysis on cost of advertising with the 5 magazines we advertise with compared to sales resulting from that advertising.  Over the last 3 months, Stockman Grass Farmer brought in a return of sales of 750% compared to what we spend on SGF advertising.  Not bad!
Baron Buzhardt, Hay-B-Gone, Saluda, SC
We are getting a lot of response from our advertising in SGF.  Our ads produce more sales for Hay-B-Gone than the trade shows we attend.
Andrea Martinez, PastureMap, San Fransicso, CA
We've been really happy with the results from running ads in SGF!
Henry Hundt, Shade Haven LLC, Viroqua, WI
We are looking forward to advertising with you again this coming year!
Deb Stevens, Gamagrass Seed Co., Falls City, NE
It is always great to work with you.  I don't say that often enough, but I am reminded today of how personable, respectful and courteous you folks are.  Correspondence from you today exemplifies how business should be done.  Thank you!
Robert Cain, SeaAgri, Atlanta, GA
We receive 4 - 5 calls per week from our ads with SGF.
David Shaffer, Featherman Equipment, Granbury, TX
We are getting quite a few calls from the Prairie Schooner ads!
Ann Molloy, Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer, Gloucester, MA
I've been advertising with SGF for several years with great success.  I'd say they are our #1 paper for actual sales generated.
Jeff Mattocks, The Fertrell Comany Bainbridge, PA
The highest percentage of callers say they saw our ad in The Stockman Grass Farmer!
Abram Bowerman, Still Waters Hair Sheep Spickard, MO
I get responses to every part of my Directory Ad - in spite of only offering my home address as a contact option!  The SGF Directory is a great way to display goods, services, and genetics!
Chris Miller, Ascent Angus, Oakland, IL
We've been pleased with the responses we've gotten from our annual directory ad in SGF!  We've had many sales result from this small ad...more than we've gotten from ads in our breed journal.  We couldn't be more pleased!
Betsy & Roger Indreland, Indreland Angus, Big Timber, MT
Our ads in SGF are bringing in calls from our target market!
James Coffeit, Ohio Land & Cattle, Cadiz, OH
I'm happy with my advertising.  I'v sold 10 bulls this month through SGF.
Lanny Greenhalgh, Ichthys Cattle Enterprise, Guide Rock, NE
I get a lot of response to my ads in SGF.  I appreciate you guys.
Mike Badger, American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, Hughesville, PA
I get calls with each issue of SGF!
Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells, CO
Call 1-800-748-9808 to subscribe to The Stockman Grass Farmer.  I guarantee the subscription cost will be one of the very best investments you have ever made.  This is the only ag publication that I am willing to pay for.
Carol Postley, Fairmeadow Sheep Farm, Ocala, FL
The people who actually spend money with us come through SGF!
Schools, Conferences, Events...
Greg Judy, Clark, MO
We just sold out our October grazing school in one week with the SGF ad!
Robert Yoder, Southern Iowa Grazing Conference, Bloomfield, IA
Our last conference...was a smashing success.  I have to give credit to ads in SGF for helping to bring in over 200 attendees!