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Patrick Pigeon's Great Grass Adventure With Greg The Grass Farmer

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Patricks Great AdventureMore and more each year children of grass farmers are being invited to participate in farm activities.  A new children's book written by Joel Salatin and illustrated by his daughter, Rachel, validates the grass farming experience for youngsters.

Patrick Pigeon's Great Grass Adventure with Greg the Grass Farmer introduces the contrasts between a city dwelling pigeon and life in the lush outdoors on a grass farm.  As the cover states, "This is not the stereotypical farm with red barns, silos and horses; it's a fundamentally sound, land healing outfit to capture the imagination of both children and adults."

Without giving away the plot in this 36 page book, Patrick Pigeon's curiosity is piqued when he notices Greg the Grass Farmer at a Farmers' Market.  Longing for a life away from the disturbing bells of his church-steeple home and the noise of urban living, Patrick flies behind Greg's truck as Greg drives to his farm.

Once there, Patrick lolls in deep luxurious grass and observes contented cows and his happy chicken cousins.  Rachel Salatin, who studied Interior Design and Business Management, created charming illustrations in a whimsical, delicate style.  Her work reflects her deep appreciation for the land, animals and care of the environment.

Designed as a read-to-me book for 4-7 year olds, the book captures the ecology and ectasy of grass.  Patrick Pigeon's Great Grass Adventure with Greg the Grass Farmer will appeal to homeschoolers, read aloud learners, and parents searching for educational and entertaining bedtime stories.

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