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If your business is turning grass into beef, lamb or milk, you'll enjoy reading The Stockman Grass Farmer, a publication devoted entirely to the art and science of turning grass into cash flow. The Stockman Grass Farmer serves as an information network for grassland farmers sharing the latest in intensive grazing technology and pasture management.

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Al's Obs 20 Questions & Their Answers by Allan Nation

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Do you want to read more Al’s Obs?Al's Obs 20 questions

Always thought provoking, often controversial, Allan Nation's "Al's Obs" column in The Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine draws readers in with his out-of-the box thinking.

            A voracious reader, Nation has the gift of applying whatever he reads to the business and production of pasture-based livestock. By reader request, 20 of his popular columns have been collected here in the form of questions with their answers. Topics range from the practical to the philosophical and cover the following:

            * How do grazing cultural biases hold you back from success?

            * Why does it pay to follow Nature’s model?

            * What are the problems and opportunities of grassland?

            * What’s the proper sequence for profitable grass farming?

            * How can you be proactive in a drought?

            * How can trees save your livestock and your land?

            * How can you excel with lower per animal production?

            * What can history tell us about the future of grass-finished businesses?

            And more.

            Each chapter was selected not only for what it can teach grass farmers on how to become better and more profitable with their own operations, but also for their timeless nature. These chapters are as relevant today as they were the day they were first written.

            Nation has been the driving force behind The Stockman Grass Farmer since 1977. The New York Times called the magazine “the bible for people raising animals on pasture.” Nation’s previous books include Knowledge Rich Ranching, Quality Pasture, and Grassfed to Finish.  Al’s Obs, 20 Questions & Their Answers marks his tenth book on grassland farming and artisan meats and milk products.

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