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The Grazier's Production School - DVD

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with Anibal Prodomingo, Ph.D.

This school was designed for graziers who want to compete based upon exceptional flavor and tenderness.  Anibal is a rancher/researcher from Argentina with a Ph.D. from New Mexico State University who has spent many years researching the nuances of grassfed beef.

This in-depth school takes you from birth to finish on grass and is designed to teach low-cost cow-calf, stocker and grass finishing using common perennial grasses and legumes. 

The two and one half day Grazier's Production School has been professionally video taped and is available on a set of six DVDs with the complete workbook used in the school.  The price is the same as the school, $1000, shipping and handling included for USA orders.

If you are considering:grass finishing, hayless wintering or changing calving seasons.....


Graziers who have attended this school are saying:

  • "Excellent school.  Anibal is a wonderful resource.  I appreciated the excellent quality of written materials in the binder." ....Duncan B.
  • "Anibal was great.  He really added practical knowledge to research data and made the experience usable and applicable." ....Charles B.
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