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If your business is turning grass into beef, lamb or milk, you'll enjoy reading The Stockman Grass Farmer, a publication devoted entirely to the art and science of turning grass into cash flow. The Stockman Grass Farmer serves as an information network for grassland farmers sharing the latest in intensive grazing technology and pasture management.

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Paddock Shift Revised Edition by Allan Nation (Drawn from Al's Obs)

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At its heart, Management-intensive Grazing is a thinking person's form of farming.  It requires very little physical work but a lot of thought and planning.  In Paddock Shift, Changing Views on Grassland Farming, Allan Nation provides a wealth of thought provoking ideas to shape your plans for a profitable grass farm - whether it's for beef, dairy, sheep, poultry, pigs or goats.

Nation's  intention is to stay on the edge of change, to show examples of how people with minimal capital can become wealthy while respecting nature.  Drawing on his background as a rancher's son, Nation's viewpoint blends lessons from the business world, history, philosophy, and innovative farming techniques.  Each chapter in Paddock Shift will challenge your own thinking with practical, common sense goals to enhance your grass farming operation.  They are as relevant today as when they were first written.

"Entrepreneurs are rebels who are willing to live at the margin of what exists and what is yet to exist," writes Nation.  "They will draw their strength and comfort solely from the clarity of the vision of the future they will create for themselves.  This means they have to take half-proven ideas and strategies, try them and modify them to make them work.  Read the biographies of successful people, and you'll learn every one of them spent years doing it wrong before they finally got it right.  Many people see this living at the margin as risky.  But the real risk in life is not living at the margin."

So, put your prejudices aside, forget about how Daddy and Grandaddy did it, quit that boring job in town, put your labor where your love is and climb out here on the edge of change with Nation in Paddock Shift.  It's guaranteed to change your view of grassland farming.

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