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If your business is turning grass into beef, lamb or milk, you'll enjoy reading The Stockman Grass Farmer, a publication devoted entirely to the art and science of turning grass into cash flow. The Stockman Grass Farmer serves as an information network for grassland farmers sharing the latest in intensive grazing technology and pasture management.

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SGF Small, Smart and Special School

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The Stockman
GrassFarmer TOTALLY NEW!

"Grass Farming is size neutral.  Learn how much can be grown in small spaces adapting the industry's best techniques and tools."
Joel Salatin

Farms don't have to be BIG to be profitable if they are....


Over two days Joel & Grant will draw from their own
experiences to teach you how to be successful and more
productive with your small acreage.

October 24 - 25, 2023

Jackson, MS area

  • Develop your farming strategy.
  • Scale your operation for long term success.
  • Build community and collaboration.
  • Refocus, re-energize, create a plan.
  • Learn how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Protect yourself from emotional and financial losses.
  • Maximize stacking enterprises.
  • Implement efficient design techniques.

Mainstream agriculture says your only hope for being profitable is to get bigger

or get out.  Before you decide, come hear the other side of the issue.

Grant Estrade of Louisiana bought Local Cooling Farms as a weekend home to someday homestead or farm.  Beginning with American Guinea Hogs, he added chickes, wild-foraged goats and PineywoodsCattle.  Along with full time farming, Grant is a certified Zig Ziglar coach and trainer.

Joel Salatin has a lifetime of advice to share.  From a small operation Joel and his family have grown Polyface Farm to where it is today.  He is recognized for his organic farming techniques which have low overhead costs for profitable farms.

Admission to the SGF Small, Smart and Special School is $650 per person and you can reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.

"We feel your pain of getting started and we want to help you 

be successful from where you are right now." - Grant Estrade

Come spend two very intense, in depth, knowledge enriching days with Joel and Grant

Upon registration, you will receive hotel information with your confirmation letter.

The tuition does not include lodging or meals.  The Small, Smart and Special School will begin at 8:00 am on Tuesday October 24, 2023 and end at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 (CST}

Refund Policy:  There will be no refund issued with less than 14 days notice before the event.

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