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The SGF Gathering at Polyface 2021

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Want to hear what you missed?

Our grass farming mentors and extended practitioner famiy have some answers!
Listen and learn from CD audios recorded at the September 2021 Live Event in Swoope,VA
  1. Ray Archuleta - Understanding the Indicators of Soil Function.  With a basic understanding of soil function and learning key indicators-landowners can evaluate their own soils with inexpensive tools.
  2. Jim Gerrish - The Joy of Wasting Grass.  Progress towards soil health and farm profitability will only come when you accept the need to waste grass.
  3. Jordan Green - Becoming a Farm Builder.  Jordan shares lessons he and Laura learned along the way and the principle guiding their farm business.
  4. Greg Judy - Starting Regenerative Grazing on Leased Land.  Greg will share mistakes and successes from building their operation from scratch to 16 farms today.
  5. Steve Kenyon - Starting From Scratch.  Steve will explain how figuring margins, opportunity costs, and monthly income kept him solvent as he grew from zero to 1400 head of cattle on 3500 acres of leased land.
  6. Daniel Salatin - Building a Team.  The Labor Link of Farming.  Daniel will cover ways to help minimize stress for a winning culture so that both the leader and team members feel like they are living their best life!
  7. Sheri Salatin - Be the Middleman: Catch and Keep those Elusive Profits.  Sheri will share her experience with capturing the entire retail dollar for your products and down-to-earth tips on catching and keeping customers for your farm.
  8. Joel Salatin - Grass Farming: Solutions for Tomorrow.  The greatest needs and greatest hopes of our times find elegant answers in the grass farming imperative.  In his unique style, Joel inspires and challenges the SGF family to message and model our solutions for tomorrow.
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